Monday, 26 August 2013

My Autumn Clothing Challenge

Hello! My blog has been very inundated with posts about my bike tour recently, but right now I want to make this new one! It's about a challenge I'm making for myself.

I like clothes. I like fabric and sewing and shopping and dressing myself. My absolute favourite time of year (like most people's) is Autumn. I love the colours! Even though my clothing budget isn't very much, I tend to spend the most moola on stuff this time of year.

This is a challenge I've been thinking about for a while now, but haven't really acted on it. The challenge is: Only buy clothes that are second hand, or self-made. (Is it "only buy" or "buy only"?)

What does this mean?
If I want to update any items in my fall wardrobe from September 1st to Christmas, I will have to find them either second hand, or make them myself.

What about socks and underwear?
Good question! I have enough socks and underwear right now, and I don't think I'll have the urge to buy any until after Christmas (you know, when those gift cards start appearing). If I do really need socks and underwear, I may find some that has been made locally.

What about shoes?
This will be a challenge for me. There are many new styles of shoes that I really want, but I don't actually need. The only shoes I actually really need right now, and will be buying before September 1st, are running shoes. My old pair just crapped out last week, and my knees are paying for it. It's important to replace your shoes every couple of years, or more often if you are running frequently!

Why are you doing this to yourself?
I could be really strict to myself and just not buy ANYTHING since money can be of some concern sometimes. But I really like clothes, and fashion, and I also like a challenge. I've also been getting too comfortable shopping for clothes online, and it's really hard to keep track of my spending when I do that.
Environmentally, I think that buying second-handed clothes is very good. I also think that making my own is very good too, given the clothing industry in Asia. (Yes, a lot of my fabric was also created in that same industry. I still have a lot to learn and discover about finding fair-wage or local fabric.) But worry not, sewing things takes time, and sometimes I don't have a lot of that!

Can I join in on this challenge as well?
Sure! You can do whatever you like, pretend person voice I just made up! But seriously, any friends interested? Not interested? Already do this?

Starting Off
I'm going to go through my closet this week and get rid of old clothing that I do not need any more. I also just got a nice haul of hand-me-downs from my aunt, and so the leftovers from that and my closet will either be free for grabs, or for a small dollar amount, or a maybe even a trade!
I'll then make a wish-list of certain colours or styles of clothes I'd like to wear. I may even do that on my pinterest! If you have pinterest, let's follow each other!

Ahhh alright. I'm ready to make this all official by publishing this post.

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