Tuesday, 2 September 2014

How to make a skirt fit and How to hem pants

This skirt is too big!

I "took in" what I needed to at the back while I was wearing the skirt, to ensure a proper fit. I pinned it in place.

I measured how much I had pinned off, and then flipped the skirt inside out and re-pinned.

I sewed the waistband at the new fit. I didn't go all the way down the skirt because of all the ruffles, but if there were no ruffles, I'd sew the whole thing!

This is what it looks like right-side-out. By hemming the waistband only, I created a "pleat"

I decided I needed to flatten out my pleat. I stitched this in place.
I decided to "take in" the skirt directly at the back because the skirt's zipper was at the side. If I took the skirt in on the other side, it'd be lopsided with all the ruffles. If the zipper had been at the back, I would have taken in both the sides instead!

Ah, how it fits so well now!

Here's a picture of the back view. See how ruffly that is!

Here's an example of how I'd wear this skirt in an actual outfit, and not just with the Star Wars t-shirt I happened to be wearing while altering.

Hey this looks good! With some black tights, this is definitely a wearable fall outfit.

How to Hem Pants

If you're short like me, you probably know all about hemming pants. Maybe you pay someone to do it, maybe you do it yourself, or maybe you just roll up your pants! Here's how I hem my pants.

I put them on, and then roll in one pant leg to the right length.

Inside-out, I mark this new length on both legs. I use a super-fancy Crayola pencil crayon for this.

Since this was a rather large hem (lots of length to remove!) I cut down the fabric to be  1.5" from the "new" length.

I folded up 0.5" and pressed. I sewed that 0.5" hem.

I then folded up the 0.5" hem another 1", and pressed.

Here's the fun part! I slip-stitched the new hem.

Look at how neat my stitches turned out!

This is what it looks like on the outside- you can barely see the hand-stitches.

Well, maybe you can see them a bit!

And now they fit just perfect!