Sunday, 31 August 2014

Eat A Rainbow! (Recipes)

Nothing but watermelon

400-800g of watermelon. Blend. Drink.

Matcha Almond Latte

1tsp Matcha green tea, whisked into 1/2c 80 degree water in a bowl
1/2c unsweetened almond milk, steamed
Pour almond milk over matcha. Swirl it up if you like!

Chris's Birthday Cake
(Vegan/Soy Free, easy to count carbs)

Whole wheat flour + coconut oil + water. 
Use approximately the same proportions that you would use for regular pie crust .

Cashews, soaked overnight
Maple syrup
Vanilla bean!
Blend it up on high until it's creamy. Use a 1:1 ratio of cashews to water. Less water=thicker! Maple syrup to taste. I used 1 tbsp, which was not much, but served the cake with maple syrup for those who wanted it sweeter!

All the delicious berries of your choice

Nothing but Pineapple

I didn't make what is pictured, but this is essentially what it was: 
Pineapple, inside removed, blended with some coconut sugar,
and served in the pineapple. 


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Things that make me smile

Having a whole bunch of my family over for dinner!

This skirt from American Apparel

Going on a "cleanse". Well, not really! I just love making smoothies


Running a half marathon for the first time!

Weird coloured smoothies and flowers