Sunday, 20 November 2011

A New Post About New Things

I apologise for not making a new blog post in a while. My camera broke, and is still broken, so I've been using my boyfriend's camera instead. It's a bunch of years older than mine, so it just doesn't do the job quite as well. But, it works, and I can use it, so I just need to find interesting things to blog about! Here are my almost interesting things!
I recently bought a pair of children's water ear plugs. I thought that they'd block out most sound, but still make everything audible so I could wear them for piccolo playing. Turns out they don't block out any sound at all! So I put some nail polish over the hole to hopefully block out the tiniest bit of sound. It kind of works! And looks cool.

I made this yummy bean veggie salsa food last week. I ate it for left overs so many times. That's hard to do, if you're me and you don't really like kidney beans very much!

Here it is with rice and cheese. Thank you Lorri for teaching me how to make this!

I was having a bad day yesterday, so I bought this. Instantly my day was better.

This is a secret surprise for someone! (For Christmas!)

This candle had vanilla scent on the top, and apple cinnamon on the bottom. As you can see, I've burned through all the vanilla and am on to apple cinnamon! Smells like Christmas now!

Aaaaand... here I am with the nail polish. It looks so good.