Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Today I bought some crayola markers. I have a bunch already, but they're the small ones and not so good at colouring in big surfaces. 

So here are my beautiful new big markers!

Crayola art supplies have a very special place in my heart. I'm from Lindsay, where once upon a time, the Crayola factory resided. Every year they'd have a big warehouse sale, where they sold pretty much all of their unpackaged goods for a really cheap price. I remember waking up at 4am with my mom to drive into town and camp out in line for the sale. It was so worth it; buying craft supplies to me then was like buying make-up and dresses and shoes now. 

The actual factory is no longer in Lindsay now, but Crayola merch. is still packaged and distributed there. See: 

I don't think they have the Crayola sale any more, though. Ahhh, those were good times. 

I took a picture of this because I didn't know until just now that you're not supposed to shake the markers. What happens when you shake them?

Here's a test-colouring I did. I like the outside bit, but I'm not crazy about the inside. The point of this was to play with markers though, and I had fun!

Monday, 28 March 2011


I have a pretty wicked sock collection. I'm really proud of my choices in "footwear". I buy my socks from Ardene's, and most of them are neon. Here are the socks I wore today:

As much as I love each pair of my socks, sometimes the heels wear out and they're no good any more. I have a big pile of no-heel socks, and tonight I decided to make something with them.

It's a sock creature! With no eyes!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mini Cacti

My little cactus now has a paper friend!
I bet they talk about how badly they don't need water.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

My little sketchbook

Back in the summer of 2009, I took an art class at the University of Toronto. We all "had" to get a small sketch book for taking notes and, well, sketching stuff. I got this little square one. I love it so much!
This artwork on the cover is by a Canadian artist that I studied for a project. And at this very moment, I cannot remember his name. I couldn't even figure out what to google to find it so I wouldn't have to be embarrassed on this blog about not knowing the artist. Oh well! When I find out, I'll let you know! Let's go inside to see some recent stuff:

Some doodles of things walking across the page. I think they're snowmen.

Stars. I'm always drawing stars.

Some sun colouring. Not my best of this kind, but it's been a while since I've coloured things.

I love the way markers fill the paper just like watercolour paint!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Dinosaur dreams

Jurrasic Park came out when I was 6 years old. I was already obsessed with dinosaurs, but I wasn't allowed to go to the theatre and watch this movie with my older brothers. Instead, I started having very exciting/scary dreams about dinosaurs! I had these dreams before I saw the movie, definitely after, and continuously throughout my life. I like having these kind of action dreams. Yes, they are scary, but not as scary as ghost dreams, and not nearly as bad as dreams where everyone is mean to me. They are exciting and get my adrenaline rushing!

Like the XKCD comic above, I plan out everything in my dreams. I'm getting so good at avoiding raptors now! But now my subconscious is throwing more twists at me. Here's a dream I just woke up from:

I was at a dinosaur zoo in a fake town (maybe a hologram?) and it was just about to close to the public to start the competition. The men in charge with megaphones told us we had so much time to do so many things. He then said that all fences were down, no doors would close, and even worse, no doors would lock. I spent a good part of my dream in a truck with some people I didn't know, probably the heros, driving around fields closest to the T rex. I then ended up running downhill around the town with a bunch of kids, avoiding T rex. (He's so easy to avoid!)

Then I ended up in this abandoned office building with a few other people, possibly untrustworthy. We had to tap each other's waterbottles to make sure we were on the same team. Before we could be sure, the raptors showed up! Me and one guy who had just narrowly escaped an attack in a small closet jumped into the nearest office room. I noticed there was an open window. Doors were useless, and the raptor walked in. I tried climbing on top of a very high cabinet like I usually do in raptor dreams, but the raptor saw me straight away and jumped up on the other side. I knew I was done for!

I sort of woke up at this point, knew that dying in dreams sucks, so I went back to the dream and made a run for the open window in the office building and went to hang out on the ledge. The raptor couldn't fit out of the window, so I just hung out on there, and my alarm went off.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Dream Time!

I had a dream that I went on a short vacation to Scotland.
It was night time, and I was staying in some sort of inn.
It's probably no coincidence, but the tartan I remember seeing everywhere was this one!

It was much darker though.
I was planning to go to a castle and eat some warm food (NOT haggis! No way!)

But then I woke up!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Look at what came in the mail today!

It's a box of Kleenex! It's super tiny and so cute, I don't even want to use it!

I put it in the bathroom to share with my roomates since I already have my own huge box of tissues in my room.
It was such a nice surprise to get on such a dreary day in such a dreary month. Maybe it's a sign that Spring will be here soon!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Hello blog readers!
I have been daydreaming about creating this blog for a very long time. There are so many things I want to talk about and so many pictures I want to share! 
I began blogging back in high school and I absolutely loved it. The best posts were ones that were about funny stories, cool things I've created, or bragging about accomplishments. Slowly, though, the blogs turned into big emotional splurge outlets for when I was feeling sad about something and had no one to talk to. This blog will not be like that! I'm not an angsty teenager anymore! Hurray!
This blog is for lots of good things though. It is going to be my happy place, where I will keep cool crafts and art I've made, neat photos, silly stories, and other things in which I like to indulge! (Like clothes and makeup and shoes!)
I have so many ideas for posts already. Cheers to what will hopefully be a great blog adventure!
See you soon!