Thursday, 16 June 2011

Candide, Cheerleading, and Harry Potter dreams

I woke up to some really strange dreams this morning!
The earlier bits are a bit fuzzy, but this is what I remember.
I was at school, and we were going to put on Candide. I got all excited because I'd played it before. But it turns out the music I was actually playing was symphonie fantastique. I looked at the back of my music and there were all these examples of costumes for Carmen to wear (woops wrong piece of music, again).
 So then we were rehearsing a dance scene that involved a lot of pretending to be dead and being flipped by people. We flipped and flipped until we were outside on a field, and were actually cheerleaders. Well, I don't know if I was (I sometimes just watch my dreams, and am not actually in them). We may have then moved to a boat cruise and they were practising cheering on a rocky boat. I think the competition happened then, with the boat at dock. The bad team one, and the good team was sad. 

Then I think I woke up to scratch my eye. So when I fell back asleep, my brain decided to write the next Harry Potter book. It may have started with Pingu on skiis. Pingu on skiis gently transformed to Harry Potter and his friends stealthily following Snape and a few of his friends on tarps down a snowy hill. 
Oh I just remembered! When it was something on skiis, they made a miraculous climb up a hill with no pushes. It must have been a wizard by then. 
So then this story began to unfold, where the reason Snape is so good to Harry isn't because he's in love with Lily Evans, but because Snape's family has to keep him alive. (Snape has many older sisters). But Snape also once had a little brother named Viper (I KNOW! AMAZING! MY BRAIN IS AMAZING!). Viper was known to have disappeared years ago. Well what actually happened, was Viper got sucked into some sort of limbo when  he was young, and can only exist sometimes through Harry Potter. This is my rough sketch of what Viper looked like:

I can't remember if Viper's visor went all the way into a helmet... but if it did, it was black like his hair. 

So there were moments in the dream that were like flashbacks where Harry is taken over by Viper, and Snape shows enormous amounts of compassion towards him, and then when Viper disappears, Harry is like "wtf am I doing here?" and Snape is like "detention!" I think HP figures out what's going on by the end though.  Although, I don't know what the end is. Does Snape still die? What happens to Viper?! etc.

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