Monday, 11 January 2016


Sometimes life hands you a lot of this: 

But it's all about perception. What it's actually handing you is this: 

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Kaths things: Jewellery (Edited with new story)

These are three of my most-worn neck decorations. Let's jump right in:

My friend Olivia gave me this laser-cut wooden bike necklace for my birthday several years ago. It quickly became my favourite piece of jewellery! (side-note: I've just googled which is the correct spelling: jewellery or jewelry? Seems one is British, the other one is American. Which do you use?)
Pretty much every time I wear this necklace, someone compliments it. I wish I could take credit for finding/making it, but all I can take credit for is having awesome friends!

This silver bird necklace isn't mine. Well, it is now! I "borrowed" it from my mom when I was young, and just haven't given it back yet. She has a long story for this necklace:

"Back in the early 1970's Windsor hosted a large art and craft show around the periphery of Willlistead Manor ( an estate bulit by Hiram Walker). During one of those shows I think in 1974 or 1975 I bought this necklace from a man who was the father of my good friend David Hillis. I remember when I first saw the piece it took my breath away but it was way above my spending budget at the time. Mr Hillis was a very generous and kind soul and sold it to me at half the price he was asking for it as he likely sensed how enamoured was with it. I especially loved the centre Dove...which clearly he hand crafted from silver whereas the other birds were prefabricated. The whole piece is silver. Mr Hillis was, I believe, a tool and die maker by trade....but I think a true artist in his soul."

I bought this sun pendant when I was in Florence, Italy. I was on a trip with school during March break. I fell in love with this city, and I also love this necklace. I found these three photos of the day I bought it. I don't know if my memory is correct, but I feel like the shop I bought it from is just to the right of that window sill I'm sitting on in the second photo. (Photo credit to my friend Eileen! We both bought pendants there, I do believe!)

Look at my amazing braided hairstyle!

What I love about this pendant is the weight, and how warm it gets against my skin. The stone seems to hold the warmth, and if I hold the pendant in my cold hands, it seems to warm them up. It really is like a little sunshine around my neck. 
Unfortunately one of the points of the sun broke off last year. I'll still wear it until all the points break off. I really do cherish it.

Let me know what you think of these posts. Would you like to see more of these, or more craft/art posts?