Sunday, 20 November 2011

A New Post About New Things

I apologise for not making a new blog post in a while. My camera broke, and is still broken, so I've been using my boyfriend's camera instead. It's a bunch of years older than mine, so it just doesn't do the job quite as well. But, it works, and I can use it, so I just need to find interesting things to blog about! Here are my almost interesting things!
I recently bought a pair of children's water ear plugs. I thought that they'd block out most sound, but still make everything audible so I could wear them for piccolo playing. Turns out they don't block out any sound at all! So I put some nail polish over the hole to hopefully block out the tiniest bit of sound. It kind of works! And looks cool.

I made this yummy bean veggie salsa food last week. I ate it for left overs so many times. That's hard to do, if you're me and you don't really like kidney beans very much!

Here it is with rice and cheese. Thank you Lorri for teaching me how to make this!

I was having a bad day yesterday, so I bought this. Instantly my day was better.

This is a secret surprise for someone! (For Christmas!)

This candle had vanilla scent on the top, and apple cinnamon on the bottom. As you can see, I've burned through all the vanilla and am on to apple cinnamon! Smells like Christmas now!

Aaaaand... here I am with the nail polish. It looks so good. 

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Mini Paintings

Last Saturday night I stayed home to hang out with myself and make some tiny paintings. They aren't the best I've done, but it was good to just actually do some art. 

This first one is an acrylic on a mini canvas. My acrylic paint really sucks. It was like water. Also, the black outlines I did in nail polish!

These three little ones go from worst to best, and are done with watercolours, my favourite! 

My camera is still broken, sitting on my desk, but my scanner is still working just fine!
Hopefully I'll have more things to post in the coming weeks!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Clothes Haul!

Today I went on a big shopping spree. I want to show you all the cool things I bought, but my camera is broken. So, since my scanner is not broken, I decided to draw everything I bought!

I should do an inventory of all my clothes like this!

Sunday, 18 September 2011


I drew this late last night in MS Paint, and then I had a dream about weird spider bugs like this.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Cool Things

I haven't been up to much crafty stuff lately, but in order to keep this blog alive, I decided to post some stuff (new and old) I have lying around that I like a lot!

I am going to be super organized this year because of this. It fills up most of my desk!

I like my keychains. The cat on the left holds my subway tokens, and the Tamagochi on the right was from a McDonald's happy meal.

My Sigg water bottle has my name in indestructible label sticker stuff!

Woah! This photo got rotated by accident. Anyhow, it's my old timey pencil case. It never stayed closed very well so I'd spill all my pencils and stuff almost constantly.

Now I use it for markers. It still has all these old stickers from when I was in elementary school!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Crafts from 13 year old Katherine

Last weekend I was cleaning out my old room at my parent's house. There was a lot of junk to go through, but in that junk I found some very funny things! I had to take pictures of them, since I wasn't going to keep everything.
This was a caption contest from Owl magazine. I didn't write the speech bubble, my brother Peter did. I found it so funny, that I kept it until now!

This is the front page of my planner from grade 9. It sure looks like I got a lot of use out of it! (I didn't, though. I never really used a planner until last year.)

The next several photos are from my picture frame making spree in grade 8. I went through an "orange and blue" phase.

This one is beads glued right on to the photo!

a cheapy little frame from Crayola that I painted.

This is my favourite one. I cut out the frame from cardboard, then covered it with old Easter egg wrappers. I even made a little star! Please note the orange and blue backing.

A little faded, but this frame was so good. It had a back and even a little stand.

Another Easter egg wrapper frame, but a little worn down. Side note: when I was cleaning, I found a whole case (a crayola case...) filled with cool paper scraps and a TON of Easter egg and other chocolate wrappers.

This one is just scribblies, wrapped on cardboard. 

I'll end this post with two colourful dividers.

 A Porsche?

And stripes!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sleepy Tea

I really like to have this tea after dinner or before I go to bed. It's a nice step away from the usual Chamomile tea because it's minty too!

I especially love it because of the picture on the box. Look at that sleepy bear!

He's probably on his second cup.

He's falling asleep! Look at how happy and relaxed he is! 

I should have made a video of this instead so you could hear just how happy this tea makes me.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Clashy Monster has a Big Booty!

I decided to make another Sock Monster, but this time I chose out a bunch of clashing socks. To turn into something hideous.

The main sock I used for the bottom was a strangely fitted sock from F21.

Top and bottom coming together... Look at my sewing action!

He just needs arms!

Is that clashy or what?

Oh and he has a massive butt.
(photo taken pre-face and arms)