Saturday, 6 August 2011

Crafts from 13 year old Katherine

Last weekend I was cleaning out my old room at my parent's house. There was a lot of junk to go through, but in that junk I found some very funny things! I had to take pictures of them, since I wasn't going to keep everything.
This was a caption contest from Owl magazine. I didn't write the speech bubble, my brother Peter did. I found it so funny, that I kept it until now!

This is the front page of my planner from grade 9. It sure looks like I got a lot of use out of it! (I didn't, though. I never really used a planner until last year.)

The next several photos are from my picture frame making spree in grade 8. I went through an "orange and blue" phase.

This one is beads glued right on to the photo!

a cheapy little frame from Crayola that I painted.

This is my favourite one. I cut out the frame from cardboard, then covered it with old Easter egg wrappers. I even made a little star! Please note the orange and blue backing.

A little faded, but this frame was so good. It had a back and even a little stand.

Another Easter egg wrapper frame, but a little worn down. Side note: when I was cleaning, I found a whole case (a crayola case...) filled with cool paper scraps and a TON of Easter egg and other chocolate wrappers.

This one is just scribblies, wrapped on cardboard. 

I'll end this post with two colourful dividers.

 A Porsche?

And stripes!

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