Thursday, 6 December 2012

Friendship Headphones

I decided to explore my old embroidery thread collection the other day. I don't think I've opened this box for over 15 years!

It was exactly how I had left it. Including a whole mess of tiny little projects shoved in the bottom right compartment!

I knew I had to go through them. I was really impressed with what I found:

Tiny-tiny little knotty braid things, some chinese staircases, and really weird chevron pattern-ish thing.

A few more chevrons, a diagonal thing, and some twisty ones. It was so cool to look at these and think about all the time and patience I spent on some of them. I got inspired, and decided to do some colourful half-hitches around my computer* headphones.

Definitely not as interesting or patterned as my old stuff, but it's colourful and fun to wear! 

*I only wear these at the computer because these kinds of headphones do NOT stay in my ears if I move even a bit!

A Yummy Smelling Thing.

Hello friends!

I have for you today a quick and easy fun thing to do to make your house smell awesome. I remember doing this craft in elementary school, and I'm sure a lot of you have done it before too! It's very simple: get some clementines, and then stick whole cloves into it. Here are some pictures!
(I'm sorry about the colour- the lighting in my kitchen is awful, and I tried to fix the worst one using mac preview, but it kind of just made it blue)

Here are the supplies you may need: some ribbon, a clementine, whole cloves, scissors, a big yarn needle (or some sort of pokey thing), and something to protect your table from getting clementine stains all over it. Maybe your table doesn't stain, so you don't need that. My table does (you can see a stain underneath the scissors :(

Things I had as well: A cup of tea, a giant bowl of clementines, and a practice orange hiding behind that bowl. Tie the ribbon on first. I tied on my ribbon using the skills that I picked up from working at a chocolate shop. You can glue the ribbon on if you have glue. If I had glue, I would glue on a loop behind the bow so that I could hang it up!

Use the pokey thing to poke holes. Poke them in some sort of pattern. Mine's diamonds. It's easier to poke holes first, then stick in the clove. I found the cloves aren't strong enough to poke through the orange skin on their own.

Breathe in because it smells awesome! Heheh, this ribbon is all wonky because it was tied up to something else and had all these kinks. I think it's cute!