Thursday, 6 December 2012

Friendship Headphones

I decided to explore my old embroidery thread collection the other day. I don't think I've opened this box for over 15 years!

It was exactly how I had left it. Including a whole mess of tiny little projects shoved in the bottom right compartment!

I knew I had to go through them. I was really impressed with what I found:

Tiny-tiny little knotty braid things, some chinese staircases, and really weird chevron pattern-ish thing.

A few more chevrons, a diagonal thing, and some twisty ones. It was so cool to look at these and think about all the time and patience I spent on some of them. I got inspired, and decided to do some colourful half-hitches around my computer* headphones.

Definitely not as interesting or patterned as my old stuff, but it's colourful and fun to wear! 

*I only wear these at the computer because these kinds of headphones do NOT stay in my ears if I move even a bit!

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