Saturday, 20 August 2011

Cool Things

I haven't been up to much crafty stuff lately, but in order to keep this blog alive, I decided to post some stuff (new and old) I have lying around that I like a lot!

I am going to be super organized this year because of this. It fills up most of my desk!

I like my keychains. The cat on the left holds my subway tokens, and the Tamagochi on the right was from a McDonald's happy meal.

My Sigg water bottle has my name in indestructible label sticker stuff!

Woah! This photo got rotated by accident. Anyhow, it's my old timey pencil case. It never stayed closed very well so I'd spill all my pencils and stuff almost constantly.

Now I use it for markers. It still has all these old stickers from when I was in elementary school!

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