Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Concert Blacks

Concert blacks! That may sound like a strange term to some of you. To those of you familiar with "concert blacks" or "long blacks" or "new music black", it is more common than "business casual" or "semi-formal". It is a musician's uniform. 
I took these pictures of my concert-wear for the first two Toronto performances of the Bicycle Opera Project. (there was no point photographing my blacks for the rest of the tour, since I could only carry one outfit for all 14 concerts!)

Found sunglasses, self-made necklace, black dress from Romwe.com

Hand-me-down black H&M top, Ardene skirt. I'm making a silly face and lifting up my skirt to show you that I'm wearing shorts underneath the skirt, since I was biking to the show. I love being able to bike to nearly everything. It's so much more predictable than public transit, so I can always be on time/early!


  1. I also bike nearly anywhere. Here it is really common though :)

    1. yes! It's pretty common in the city where I live, right downtown. I recently completed a bike tour of South-West Ontario with an opera company! I'll be posting more about that soon!