Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bike Tour!

Last month I embarked on a journey around South-West Ontario with a group of four opera singers, and pianists, and a violinist. We were all on bikes. We performed fifteen concerts of new Canadian opera scenes in a huge variety of locations to so many different audiences. The next few posts on this blog will be pictures from my trip!
Everyone on the ferry to our Toronto Island show!

All our bikes on the ferry

I wish I could have toured on this bike! (heh)

I was so excited the night before we actually left on our tour, that I took a bunch of silly pictures. Like me in my new bike shorts!

And these silly socks!

I turned on all the lights on my bike and we had a dance party!
A huge shout-out to Down to Earth in Lindsay for selling me this bike! It's the Trek 7.2 FX WSD. I do believe I was the only one on the whole tour who never experienced any bike problems whatsoever! Thanks Ian and Sandra!

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