Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Motivation Check-list Calendar

I've been experimenting with different ways of organizing my time.  I tend to have large chunks of time to myself during the day. You might think "awesome! You could watch so much TV!". No, I can't. I'm mostly self-employed, and my free time must be used wisely, and mostly for professional and personal development. I have made calendars in the past that include hourly "do this do that" in and around the things I do during the day that are actually scheduled, like teaching and rehearsals. That never really worked out for me. I think I've figured out why. If I scheduled in "practice" from 9-11am every day, but say one day I felt off in the morning and didn't practice. The likelihood of me making up that practice time at another time is not very high, since I've probably scheduled the rest of my day with other stuff. Also, if I stop following my strict schedule in the morning, why should I care if I'm off track for the rest of the day?

With the checklist style of this calendar, I can do these things in whatever order I please. This suits me! It's better than having no calendar, because it makes me accountable and gives me a visible reason to accomplish things. Even if I miss something one day, I can easily see when I did it last, and when I should do it again. 

I will try this out for the month and see if it really does work for me! I was inspired to make this after seeing tons of fitness bloggers make calendars like this for their members. (toneitup, blogilates, tarastiles). I decided to make a Katherine calendar!

I hope you like it, and I hope it inspires some motivation to you too!


  1. Awesome! That's a great idea. I always write lists for myself of what I want/need to do in my planner. I had not done it as much over the summer and since not working, however I'm slowly getting back on track.

    1. Last month I tried writing out a to-do list each day. It was definitely helping, but then the day would go by and there would be a lot of random stuff I didn't accomplish, so it would just be forgotten. Or perhaps my to-do lists were too specific? Either way, I'm liking this calendar so far! You should give it a try!