Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to make the best sandwich

I have a problem. Whenever I make myself a sandwich or a wrap, I will also over-stuff it SO much, that I have more of a messy salad type thing on my plate with bread floating around in there somewhere.

I realize my problem: the surface area of my bread is not large enough! I always buy fresh loaves of bread from either a bakery or the bakery section of my grocery store. Nothing compares to fresh bread. I used to buy the super healthy "20 grains!" bread from Country Harvest or whatever it's called, but that does not compare to a fresh loaf of "many grains" bread. (When shopping for whole wheat breads, do you ever get overwhelmed by the different kinds? 7-grain, 12-grain, ancient grains, flax, whole wheat, etc? I sure do.) 
Anyhow, the bread slice itself isn't very big, so I have to stack my yummy fillings upwards. 

Here is what I put on this super delicious killer sandwich:

-Hummus (homemade!)
-1/4 avocado, sliced, but sometimes I mush it into the hummus. Yum!
-1/4 roma tomato, sliced
-1 inch or cucumber, sliced into six slices
-1 chicken leg, pulled off the bone with my fingers!

How to make:
-toast the bread
-put the stuff on. It's like setting up a game of jenga!
-eat it somehow!

After I finished this sandwich (which had many casualties; my plate had at least two slices of tomatoes, bits of chicken, and a few cucumbers feeling left out! So I ate them, obviously!)
I had a cup of matcha green tea and two squares of Lindt caramel and sea salt dark chocolate. YUM!

I love lunch!

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