Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Practice Station/Router and Modem place/Mirror Stand/Table

This is a fun little thing that I thought was pretty creative. 

So between my desk (left) and my bookshelf (right), there was a gigantic mess of wires and modem/router stuff. This is where I wanted to put my mirror and my music stand, so something needed to be done!

That little shelf is actually a drawer from an old desk. That panel on the left is the front of the drawer, the top is one of the sides, the left is the back, and the back is the bottom. The other side of the drawer had broken off (and I used it somewhere else, you'll see in another post!) So it made the perfect little shelf for my things!

I had to saw out this little hole to run the cables through. I did this with a power drill and a small hand saw. 

I didn't have any sandpaper, so the edges are a little rough, but see how it works?

There's plenty of room for my flute stand to go under there as well!

I decorated the top with old scrapbook paper that I've had for years and years. Not as colourful as I might have liked, but it has planes and I like planes!

It's so inconspicuous in this room, but super useful. I keep a box of tissues on there, plus it's a perfect place to keep a glass of water and my metronome. I also dump my purse on there as well. 
Next step, clean that mirror! Wow it's so dusty!


  1. I love tackling projects like this at home and make my space better :)



    1. It definitely does! I wish I was as handy as my dad; he built the house where I grew up! (all of it!)

  2. Hello, greetings from Portugal, liked your Modem.
    And fun this photo in the mirror!

    Paulo Tadeu