Monday, 13 May 2013

I'm in a Movie!

I got to experience what it's like to be a movie extra last month. I got a cool costume!

The film was set in the Ancient Roman Empire.

The background agency urged me to arrive with my hair curled, and this is what happened.

On set. Well, outside the set. I snuck this picture; don't tell anyone! All you can see are the crummy folding chairs we had to live on, and the cup prop table. And some pillars, I guess!

Overall it was a very interested experience. It was exciting to be backstage and see what it takes to make a movie, and exciting to see some famous people! It was not exciting when we had to sit in the dark for eight hours or more, doing nothing but sitting. The third day I was on set was so dull, I spent most of the time doodling the most intricate doodles of my life. I will post pictures of that tomorrow!


  1. Cool!
    I was an extra on the movie The Ice Princess in 2004. Definitely an experience and a lot of sitting around!! Decent money though given the amount of "work" you have to do!

    1. Agreed! But oh so so so boring... hahah.