Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Jewellery- Organized!

Last month, I re-discovered this box filled with my jewellery from three years ago. I thought it was all lost, so what a wonderful surprise to find it all again!

Mostly necklaces, this would be tough to keep clean.

I put most of the fully beaded necklaces in this basket.

My nicer necklaces I put into these book boxes.

Smaller, daintier necklaces found themselves in this smaller box.

And bigger "statement" necklaces live in this bigger box, along with a tiny earring box in the bottom right of the above photo.

Bracelets and pins and perfume ended up in this plastic drawer organizer, along with some big beaded necklaces that I don't wear so often.

Nail polish lives in another one of those drawers, just in case you were wondering?

I have another jewellery organizer to the left in this photo. It has most of my earrings, and dainty chained necklaces that I almost never wear, but have had for a long portion of my life. 

And that's it!

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