Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Hey friends! Today I'm going to talk about food.

Gaspacho with loads of fresh parsley

A good while ago, I started to wean myself off dairy. I'd had a wide array of health issues, with no real cause or solution according to the doctors I went to see. I'd decided to go off the book and figure some things out on my own, for my own healing. The initial removal of dairy was strange, since I'd drink milk in my tea and cereal every morning. I also had a real soft spot for cheese. 

Top Left: Italian quinoa salad Top Right: Southwestern sweet potato salad Bottom: Squash and beets (used in next photo)

I did it though, and even though I'm sure diary sneaks its way into some of the foods I eat occasionally, I don't make a huge fuss about it. I usually just get a headache or a stomach ache. 

Roasted beets, spaghetti squash, kale, pepitas

I stopped eating meat, too. This was gradual: I stopped eating beef after a terrible food poisoning incident, (or it may have been the flu; I'll never know!) and then pork, and a few months later, chicken. A month or two after that, I had my last piece of fish. I haven't had any meat or fish since then, and maybe I won't. But maybe if I'm in Japan and there's fancy sushi, I might? I have no idea. 

Drying mint to make tea!

"So are you totally vegan?"
Nope. I would say that I'm not that word. I am a vegetarian, but I prefer to not eat dairy. Do I eat eggs? Occasionally. I don't buy eggs. I eat eggs if they're from Vicky's farm, or being served to me in a context where I really want to eat them, like on the Camino. Sometimes they're available to me, and they come from healthy happy chickens that I may or may not know personally. 

I totally eat honey.

Sweet and Sour veggie soup

How do I feel? Amazing.
If you knew me before I took my health seriously, you'd know what a massive change I've made in my life. I was constantly sick, headaches, migraines, fatigued, allergies, stomach aches, etc. Also anxious, depressed, very unfit, and grumpy.

Burrito bowl with rice, corn, salsa, cilantro, peppers, spinach, avocado

At this moment in my life, this lifestyle is working. If I want to start eating more eggs one day, I will. If I want to eat something else one day, I will. 

When it comes to health and nutrition, I don't think anyone has it truly "figured out". I like how this is working right now, and I'm going to stick with it. 

The one hurdle I'm trying to figure out is this: I train pretty frequently and hard for triathlons. I do eat enough, but I always crave oatmeal cookies! 

I love eating plant-based foods, and I'm certainly not sick of it yet!

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