Monday, 7 September 2015


Hello friends!

Summer is ending, and some of us are headed back to school tomorrow. This summer was excellent. I feel like I did so many things, and experienced so much! In June, I made myself a couple of dresses. I didn't photograph every step of the process, but I can talk you through what I did!

The first dress I made was with a very soft stretch knit. For the top half of the dress, I used my home-made shirt pattern (from THIS post!) and then a full circle skirt on the bottom half. 
To make a circle skirt, cut out a big circle of fabric (radius is the length) and then cut out a hole in the middle for your waist, the circumference of that hole being your waist measurement minus an inch or two to take into consideration the seam allowance. 
I had a lot of tinkering to do on this dress, since the circle skirt was a lot of fabric and weighed down the top quite significantly, stretching down the waist. I had to raise the waistline up quite a bit, and also cut off nearly two inches of the skirt just to get rid of weight (and length, since I'm not super tall)

It's so soft and I love wearing it!

The next dress I made from some very old fabric. I remember when I was about 8 or 9, my mom took me to fabricland, as she so often did!. Right near the entrance was a bolt of this cherry fabric. There was also a cute dress made from the same fabric on display on a dressform; I guess one of the ladies who worked there at the time had made it! I really liked it, and so did my mom (a rare occurance in those days!) and she bought me around 1.5m of the cherry fabric.

Fast-forward ~20 years, and I finally used it! I used the exact same pattern as THIS dress, for which I also used old fabric from the 90s.

Penny decided that the perfect place to sit would be right on top of this flannel...

I did a longer waist on this one, since I am surprisingly long-waisted for my height. I did a slightly shorter hem, to keep the proportions right for petite me!

I hope to sew up a few more things before school gets pretty busy. I have been knitting and painting, so stay tuned for blog posts about that!

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