Saturday, 16 May 2015


In September I joined the triathlon club at my new school. It was such a good decision. Looking back, I have trouble imagining what the past year would have been like if I hadn't joined. I think it would have been very different. Before joining the club, I was getting into training for running road races and triathlon. I was seeing huge changes in my health, attitude, self-perception, energy, and focus. I noticed a change in my approach to practicing, which is the major game-changer in any classical musician's life!

Check out this sweet outfit

To keep myself accountable while being busy with school, I joined the club. That way I'd have set times to train, have coaches to guide me, and make non-music friends. Friends are important!

Indoor spinning

Now, I've just begun my third session with the club. I've got a road bike, a fancy watch, and a fast and happy body. 

Oh hell yeah that was a 22.5km run.

Of the three triathlon sports, I like running the most. Maybe because it's the most accessible, or that I've been doing it the longest. Oh! No, that's a lie. I began swimming probably before I could walk/run. I love swimming too, but it's just not as easy. Running is easy.  You just put one foot in front of the other, and try and do that quickly.

More excellent fashion, and school spirit!

Cycling is the *newest* for me. I did some mountain biking when I was a teenager, and I bike-commute all the time. You may also recall the bike tour I did in 2013

Teenager Kath!

Teenager Kath won 3rd! (by default!)

 Back to the present- I've been learning so much about cycling very recently, since it's finally been nice enough outside to ride for real. 

My first ride out on my own

I have my first triathlon of the year on June 20th: Tremblant Sprint Triathlon

Necessary running gear!

I've already done three running races: a 5k (20:06), a half-marathon (1:34:21), and a 10k (41:43)
All three have been huge PRs for me!

My sister-in-law/running partner Lorri, my nephew Petey, and me after our half-marathon!


Frustrated while waiting for a train to pass

The winter sucked, but I still ran outside somehow.  


Oh gosh, I can't end this post with a photo of a sheer-ice sidewalk from January.

Solo ride up Mont Royal
I hope you get moving this summer. It's so worth it. Run, bike, walk- do something that gets you out in the sun while it lasts! Warning: you'll get addicted :)

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