Saturday, 16 May 2015

I'm Back!

Hello dear friends!

I'm back. This has been the longest gap between blog posts ever, in the history of this blog. What happened? It's kind of a long-ish story, since it was a long gap of time and lots happened! Basically, I moved cities to pursue my Master's Degree and I've been so deeply focused on that, I really haven't had time for many of my other small pleasures, one of them being this blog. 
Now I have a summer break! Well, in my field, there's not really a break, but I'm definitely in "vacation mode". All I want to do is remember what it's like to be a normal human!

For this blog, I'm working on writing a bunch of posts, and then having them timed to publish every couple of days for now. Hopefully you'll have things to see rather frequently! I'll keep you updated via my instagram, if you care to give me a follow! @katkatwatson is my username. 

For today, I will leave you with a recipe.

This is a super easy gluten-free, cruelty-free, soy-free, inspiration-free salad.
Now, what you want to do is take a head of romaine lettuce, and chop it up. Then, slice up a banana...


Here's the real recipe I want to share with you today!

A fresh bowl of veggies and rice with a delicious Sesame-Ginger dressing.

Bowl Ingredients:
-Black Japonica Rice, cooked 
-Steamed or roasted broccoli
-Grated carrots
-Sliced cucumbers
-Bell pepper
-Surprise micro-greens

Dressing Ingredients:
-Lemon juice
-Maple Syrup
-Sesame oil
-Rice vinegar
-Grated ginger
-Clove of garlic
-Spoon of tahini

What I did:
1- I cooked up a bunch of rice. 1c uncooked with 2c water.
2- I chopped up/grated my veggies
3- I put all the dressing ingredients in a jar. For the garlic, I gave it a good smash, chopped it very roughly, and put it in the jar with all the rest.
4- I steamed the broccoli, but roasting it would taste good too. 

**Roasting Vegetables & Being Environmentally Friendly**

I chose to steam my veggies because if I'm going to roast veggies, it means using the oven for 20-40min. This uses A LOT of energy, so if I'm to do that, I'd rather be using it for a big batch of things. One head of broccoli is not worth the hydro! Think about how much energy/money might be wasted if you use the entire oven for very small things.

**Continuing with the recipe**

5- I put everything in a bowl. 
6- I removed the smashed garlic from the dressing with a fork.
7- I spooned some of the crazy-delicious dressing into the bowl, onto my food
8- I devoured it! Actually, I savoured it. 
9- I put together another bowl of this for my lunch tomorrow! 

I didn't list any measurements, because a) I didn't take any and b) when it comes to fresh veggies, you can't really have too many!
For the dressing, I kind of did a splash of everything, and then tasted it to see if it was good. Go easy on the sesame oil. You need only a drop of that!

Other things I considered adding to the bowl, but then forgot: 
-grape tomatoes
-sundried tomatoes

Take care, friends! I'll see you again soon with more posts, more photos, more stories... yay!


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