Saturday, 18 January 2014

My first clothing purchase since August 2013

Remember this? Well, I was successful. I actually ended up not buying much at all this past fall. Once I unpacked my winter clothing, I had so many outfit options that I didn't feel the need to buy anything new. It's amazing what a bit of "reworking" some outfits can do! I also limited myself from walking around shopping malls or looking at online clothing shops. I posted a few blog posts with pictures of things I liked, but then didn't end up having time to sew myself anything that looked like them. 
What focus I would have normally put towards clothes and shopping was rerouted to things like eating healthy, exercise, and well-being. That might sound a bit hippy-dippy, but I've been noticing this change among the internet fashion blogger world. (Chriselle Lim, for example).

For Christmas, my mother asked me to make a list of "something I need, something I want, something to wear, something to read, and something to give". Knowing about this challenge, the "something to wear" she gave me was a pair of handmade wool mitts made by a friend of hers, and a purse made from old ties created by my aunt! How cool is that?

Most of the Christmas gifts I gave were also handmade in some way. Or made locally. Or from the cafe I work at!

Anyhow, about the challenge: it's not really over. On December 21st, I did not suddenly have an urge to buy ALL the forever 21. No. Not at all! I realized that I have so much already, and I rarely need new clothes. 

Except socks. 

Oh my.

The last time I bought socks was over a year ago, I think. I bought a bunch of socks from my usual super cheap place: Ardenes. They are just that: cheap! Money-wise, I can't complain about them. And style-wise, I love them. But quality-wise... oh gosh. Every single pair of socks I own got holes in them all at the same time. All of my tights got toe holes, and I HATE THAT FEELING SO MUCH OF ONE TOE POKING THROUGH THE HOLE BLERHGHH! At least one sock from every pair lost its heel completely. Just worn right down to nothing. 

My sock situation was getting really dire, so yesterday I took the plunge and bought some nicer quality socks! 

Now, I only bought four pairs of socks, and one pair of tights. And these socks are awesome. My feet (as seen in the photo) can't wait to wear a pair of new socks. 

And that's the end of this blog post. 


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