Monday, 11 February 2013

Closet Cleaning!

Hey! This is not a usual post! I'm moving in a month, and before then I'd like to get rid of some clothes that I've accumulated in the last while. Most of this was handed down to me, so I'd like to do a trade or something! Maybe I could organize a little get together and people can just bring stuff and we can all try and get rid of our things. Or maybe there's something you like, and you'd rather just email me or comment and we can arrange a time for a trade! I thought I'd document all the stuff here, so you know what you're getting yourself in to :)

This is a super stretchy dress with re-enforced cups? I don't know what you call it, but it holds its shape really well, regardless of how stretchy it is. This could fit a large, or an xs.

This is another nice stretchy comfy dress that doesn't look good on a hanger, but fits nicely. It has a criss-cross back, which makes it so hard to photograph! I'd say this is a Small or Medium. Even a Large (It's stretchy!)

This is a cotton dress with elastic at the back. Drawstring at dropwaist. Slit up the side. 

H&M dress. This one fits very small! I'd say XS. It has an elastic waist.

Spandex blend workout top.

Workout top with elastic bra inside (I forget the proper name for that as well!) can be used as a swimsuit top too, for watersports.

Long sweater.

White button-up. It's a wrinkly because it's been in storage, but it can look nice all ironed up! It's got a bit of a stretch to it, so it fits nicely.

Black sweater.

Another black sweater, with 3/4 sleeves and not as long as the one above!

Really really soft grey Turtle neck. 

These pieces didn't really have a place in my regular rotation of clothes, but I hope some of them might find a place in yours!

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  1. I love cleaning out my closet! It makes me organise my head as well somehow.. :)