Friday, 9 November 2012

Hello! Shoes, internet, park, halloween.

Hello! I have had so many ideas for blog posts, and I just haven't uploaded pictures from my phone in ages! Well, here are some photos for you to browse! 

This is my black shoe collection. I have a lot of black shoes. In fact, all of my dress shoes are black. If you ever need to borrow some black shoes size 6-6.5, let me know!

I was feeling nostalgic a while ago, and here I am watching Strongbad emails.

I spent a morning documenting all of the clothes I had purchased/acquired this fall in little pictures. But, surprise! My scanner doesn't work. I'll be scanning this in as soon as I can get it working again! 

I had a very nice walk in the park before the big storm hit. It was such a nice day, perfect for taking pictures! In fact, the park was filled with couples doing photo shoots!

I'm all like "it's the weekend and I'm still sleepy!"

Bright red maple leafs.

This photo is from a really awesome gig I did. I performed a work by Debussy for two harps, two flutes, celesta and narrator. An artist drew this live as we were performing. Seriously cool!

Happy Halloween! Can you guess what game we were from?

One guy saw us on the subway and yelled "where's your pea-shooter!?"

And that's all for now! I have a few photos of something silly, it will be in a new blog post shortly!

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