Friday, 10 February 2012

Rainbow-Stacked Origami Cranes

I've had a stack of rainbow origami paper on my shelf for way too long. 
Something had to be done.

I saw a picture of something very similar to this in my favourite origami book, so I decided to make this. 
I love it so much!

I added some rainbow beads at the bottom for good luck.

This is another ornament I just made. Surprisingly much more difficult than the cranes!

I love them both. (I also love that you can see the CN tower in this photo!)


  1. I love your cranes in colour order. Did you know if you make a thousand the cranes grant you a wish? I found that out the other day and thought it was such a cool little story. A thousand of your colourful cranes would certainly look amazing!


  2. Yes! I learned about that in elementary school, when we learned about WWII and Hiroshima and the story of a child that tried to make 1000 cranes. It's a sad story, but as a school we made 1000 birds to remember it.
    I've made large quantities of cranes before, and I might keep making them!