Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Running Tee to Cycling jersey DIY

Everyone knows that the best part about some running races are the technical tee you get with your race kit. Last year, the Sporting Life 10k in TO had the best t-shirts! I still wear mine every week. 

This year the shirts were not bad at all, but when I picked up my kit, they had only size M, which isn't so great because I'm an XS. Instead of crying about it, I decided to do something about it.

First, I folded it front/back-wise and compared it to a better fitting shirt (the one from last year!) to get an idea of how much fabric I'd have to take in on the sides.

Weirdly enough, that "new" size corresponded perfectly to the side panels of this shirt, so I just cut along those. 

I also decided to cut off the sleeves, which were conveniently attached in a "raceback" style already, so I didn't have to hem the raw edges after.

This is what it looks like, sides cut out, and sleeves as well. 

And then I made an incredible discovery: I could use the sleeves as a back pocket! 

 I ended up attaching both sleeves together so that it fit across the back. I attached it first along the bottom, and then threaded some elastic through the top.

Notice how the bottom is already attached? 

I did the side-seams along with the side-seams of the front and back of the top itself. I also sewed down the centre so that I'd have two pockets, instead of one giant one.

Et voila! 


And back!

And my backside too!

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