Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Cake, Warm Clothes, and Bike Rides

Doesn't that look so yummy? Well, it was! And it's "healthy". (Healthy compared to usual cake). Now, it looks good in this photo, but I made the cake for an event and after transportation, it did not look so good. Oh well! I got the recipe from Fab Lunch, a Toronto youtuber! Her channel is still pretty small, so go over there and show her some love! I just love chocolate and strawberries... yum!

I took a practice selfie! I was so excited to be wearing such warm and cozy fall clothing. The sweater I'm wearing, the leggings, and the sweater dress have been in storage all summer, so resurrecting them made them seem like new! And exciting! I also LOVE wearing scarves. This scarf pictured is from a box of wonderful things I inherited from my late Grandma DeMarco. 
Sometimes when one is clothed in wonderful things, one must take a self-portrait on one's iPhone.

Biking! For the first time in ages, I went for a bike ride just for fun. Now, I cycle ALL THE TIME. If you've been following my blog for any amount of time, you will probably know this. (Or if you know me in real life). I bike-commute everywhere in Toronto. I don't have a car, and I kind of... dislike... the TTC (*cough cough HATE!**). Last Saturday morning, I wanted to get out of the house and get moving but also save money, so I decided to ride along the waterfront trail. It was fun! It was kind of cold out, and it was raining. But I did it anyhow! I was so proud of myself for doing such a thing.

I took this photo while cycling. It definitely felt dangerous, and even looking at this photo at all the potholes, what was I thinking?? It was so awesome being outside on this trail and seeing all the other people out and about. I felt like we were all on a team, trekking through the cold and the rain to get in some exercise!
It's so easy to forget that Toronto is on a gigantic lake. Seriously! To go for a bike ride and stare at the water was awesome. Growing up on a lake, the sound of the water and waves and boats makes me feel so at peace. It's nice to be reminded that I can find that peace here in Toronto, where I must admit, can be hard to find.

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