Tuesday, 25 June 2013


There has been so much rain and sunshine these past few weeks. My allergies have been a nightmare! On the positive side of this heavy pollination, I have been able to enjoy the beautiful flora growing on my own residential street!
Come, let's look at some roses!

I'm not even sure if those white ones are roses? But goodness, they're so beautiful!


  1. So pretty! My boyfriend has red/pinkish roses in his garden and I told him the other day how much I loved the colour. After I drew the line from his house to my house, he surprised me by putting a rose on my balcony (he climbed up and put it there for me to find). So I have had the most beautiful rose on my desk, but now it is gone

    1. Oh my gosh! :) That is so romantic, in a super cute kind of way. Thank you for sharing that little story!