Monday, 11 March 2013

March Break "To Do" List

I have this entire week off from teaching! With not much else going on as well, I have a lot of spare time. I just moved two weeks ago, and with that, spent too much money. With a very small budget, and a whole week's worth of time, these are things I came up with to help me stay "active" (physically, mentally, and creatively?).

  • Hem remaining curtains
  • Alther clothing: shoulders on three dresses, hem blue dress, stitch holes in stockings, reattach button on coat
  • Hang mirror in bedroom
  • Organize dresser top
  • Get rid of extra stuff (on craigslist or curb or donate)
  • Wallpaper/wrapping paper for wooden shelf in the kitchen
  • Hang pictures and art
  • Fix bike! Get a tune-up
  • Install last shelf
  • Take photos of organized spaces
  • Make blog posts!
  • Honest Ed's Challenge???
  • Visit friends
  • Schedule a doctor check-up
  • Learn a new piece from the standard repertoire
  • Go home for a visit 
  • Bring sewing machine to get fixed
  • Paint something new
  • Organize end of year student recital
  • Make up practice schedules for students taking exams
  • Take a lesson
  • Go to a fabric store
  • Cover chairs with new fabric
  • Finish crochet blanket
  • Go to concerts
  • Go to classical socials
  • Watch TV shows!
  • Sign up for free yoga month
  • Goo gone the old candle jars and cups
  • Paint folders for sheet music
Those are all the fun things I can do this week! Here are the less-fun things I have to do today:
  • Grocery shopping
  • Dishes
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Vacuum everywhere
  • Find a way to get rid of ants
Happy March Break!

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