Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Wow! I haven't made a blog post in quite some time. I think about this blog all the time, and I actually feel really guilty for not contributing more. I have been doodling some comics (that aren't funny) about things in my life. I want to scan and upload, but my scanner will not work unless I fork out lots of $$ for ink.

In exciting news, I got an iphone! (see my last blog post). It has a pretty decent camera, and I can add cool effects with instagram. You all probably know about that, but it's still kind of new to me! Well, I haven't yet figured out how to get my photos on to my computer and on to my blog, in a way that I like them, without using iphoto. I'm going to experiment right now....
Ok, I had to use iphoto. I don't like using iphoto because I like sorting my photos into my own albums, my own way. Oh well! Time to make a million (eleven) captions!

My first photo with my iphone. (I almost wrote "my phirst"!) In this photo you will find: my feet, my router box, my bike, my speakers, our christmas cactus, and my boyfriend who is composing.

I spent a good chunk of this month keeping this little guy from eating shoes. He was the best toddler I've ever babysat. He really liked me, and only cried once, and only for about thirty seconds. I'm a lucky one!

It took me two weeks to read the book on the left (about 900 pages) and it has been two years+ learning the one on the right (six pages)

Some lace from my trip home last month. I used to always think the seed in the middle was a bug, and I didn't understand why one bug would always find the centre of each flower. Then I stopped being afraid, and looked closer!

This is so crazy and awesome. That's all I can say in this caption.

Stage and CN tower, at Echo beach.

My new business cards!!

A little sketch from a weird comic.

Another frame of the same comic, using different "filters" with instagram.

Part of the comic title. This is part of the word "Adventure"

Comic and business card, back included.

     I can't wait to make more crafts. I've been surprisingly busy these last few weeks, and even on the days I have off, I need to leave my apartment because there is construction and it is too loud! 
Take care, and I will be back more often!

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