Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Done School! Time to paint some things.

I have been so super busy these past few months, and I just finished school on Monday! To give myself a little break, I decided to spend some time painting some silly things on some paper I don't really care about.

 I used scotch tape around the boarders, and used crayola water colour paint on this card.

For this one, I actually used crayola markers, and then water and a paintbrush to make it all blurry like that. Then I used a black pen to outline the stars. It didn't work as well as I liked, probably because of the paper.

Here is a close up of the first one. The paint bled through the tape, which doesn't happen much when I use my other watercolour paper. The sun was impossible to keep nice and round as well, no matter how dry the paint was. I like the colours a lot thought! This was painted right on a card.

Here are two little cards that I made. The one on the right bled through the masking tape I used, and I think I'll spruce it up with some pen drawings on top. The one on the left is a drawing of the painting I did above! Silly. 

If you have any tips or critiques, leave a comment! I'm so open to feedback!

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  1. Honestly, I like it when the paint bleeds under the tape! It makes it seem so "crafted with loving care" haha.

    I really like the colourful sunset card! I want one to hang in my house! I will trade you moneys for it. Then you can say this on your resume: Works are featured in private collections nationwide. Mrs. Drummond told me that trick. (;