Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Eggs

 I had a lot of fun decorating eggs this weekend!

We filled cups with all the colour tablets, and added vinegar to make them as intense as possible!

These are the first eggs Chris and I made. We only used blue and green ink. Chris made his (on the left) in about 5 seconds, and mine took much longer.

We then made all the colours, and Chris's 4 year old cousin Hannah made eggs with us. These are her creations, with help from her mom to dip the eggs. The one on the right has flowers on it, and the one on the left has an "H" on it, but not showing in the picture.

This was Chris's 2nd egg. I think it says "This egg done gone broke!" because he broke it when he was dropping it into the pot to boil it!

This is my magic egg! I dipped it in yellow first, then coloured some stars, then dipped in orange, coloured more, then pink, coloured, then purple, coloured, and lastly, dipped in blue! I'm happy with it!


  1. This looks like so much fun! Especially with Hannah!

  2. My mom told me I could only colour as many eggs as I was willing to eat. I became very fond of them, but could never get into the yolks. I threw those into her plants, which eventually stank and then died.

    Happy Inappropriate Easter Anecdote!